Jain Vipin
Sr. Tech Lead - QA - metacube Software
Jaipur, India

I love to read and write and speak. IoT is my latest love and it thrills me when I see the challenges associated in its development and implementation. I work as a Sr. Delivery Manager for Metacube software, jaipur India but have spent 15 years in QA working at different roles. I have proven experience in refining processes for smoother deliveries across the globe. The projects give me stories and I collect the interesting ones to present.

As a conference speaker, this would be my FIRST in SQA days, and definitely not the last. My other conferences include:
QA&Test Safety and Security, Madrid, Spain (to be presented in March)
- TestingUnited Prague, Chezch Republic - End to End IoT testing Framework

- The Dev Conference, Brazil -
- QA&test, Bilbao Spain - KEYNOTE IoT Ecosystem - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
- TestCon, Vilnius, Lithuania - Common Test Strategy for IoT in different Industries
- SQA St. Petersburg, Russia - IoT Application testing is indeed a Challenge!
- QA&test Safety and Security, Madrid Spain - Device security is important than Data security

- TestingUnited Prague Czech Republic - Secure your devices to secure your data
- QATest, Bilbao, Spain - Common IoT test strategies for various Industries

- TestingUnited Vienna, Austria - Testing IoT for adding Value to Industries
- World NextGen testing Bangalore India - How to avoid Silos in the team

- Belgrade Testing Conference, Belgrade, Serbia - Glocalization: Think global Act local
- QATest, Bilbao, Spain - Searching QA in DevOps World
- PTaQ, Poznan, Poland - End to End Testing
- GirlsWhoTest Meetup, Poznan, Poland - Searching QA in DevOps World

- AgileTestingDays Asia 2017 - IoT testing framework exists
- TestingCup, Gdansk, Poland - IoT is here, Are you ready?
- WrotQA meetup , Wroclaw, Poland - Meeting EndToEnd testing demands

- QATest, Bilbao, Spain - IoT is here, Are you ready?
- StepIn forum, Bangalore, India - - Agile and Startups- What can go wrong?

- ExpoQA, Madrid, Spain - Agile and Startups- What can go wrong?

- QATest, Bilbao, Spain - How to make Automation and Asset to organization

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  • 21.02.2022
    Common Strategies to Test IoT For different Industries

    Industries can now quickly develop IoT solutions that connect things, collect data, and derive knowledge. Almost all industries have been utilizing IoT and this has changed the customer experience extensively. In automotive industry due to collaborating with fields like AI, Data analytics and cloud, autonomous driving has turned drivers into passengers. Since IoT can make a difference between life and deaths, like driverless cars or healthcare, the testing has never become so challenging. IoT produces a Variety of data and in huge volumes, and the first biggest challenge lies here. Enterprises find it quite challenging owing to these factors. Add to these external factors like heterogeneous environments and complexity in the working of a number of components, and testing becomes more difficult. Due to large-scale IoT systems and connected devices, enterprises also find it difficult to develop, deploy, integrate and scale applications.

    • Easy
    • 40 min
    • SQA Days / 30
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